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Join today and reach an ever-growing pool of local customers by letting them carry your coupons, gift cards, and loyalty rewards on the BlendCard they already have in their wallet.

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How it works.

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    Contact us to learn more about the simple, powerful, and affordable BlendCard solution.

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    Launch your program. We work with all types of businesses and point of sale systems.

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    Track and optimize your success with powerful data through the BlendCard Business Portal.

BlendCard Benefits


Launch Big

From day one, your program will be inserted into thousands of pockets instantly. These local users are already registered, engaged, and ready to discover your business. BlendCard is an efficient way to secure a direct connection with more local customers than you could acquire on your own.


Grow With Us

We work to expand your market by partnering with local events, fundraising campaigns, and community organizations. As the network expands, the reach and effectiveness of your own program grows with it. BlendCard maximizes your exposure within your local community.


Get Smarter

Marketing intelligence grows with every interaction on the network, allowing you to target and reach your ideal customers. By aggregating resources, cardholders, and data across a collaborative network, BlendCard is able to leverage local marketing power capable of rivaling any national chain.